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Born and Built in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

circa 2013

At Electric Underground Tattoos we take pride in your hide. We love creating artwork that clients are proud of. The same level of professionalism and attention goes into every tattoo applied to each client. We offer individual custom artwork and also do flash art if that is what you desire.

A healthy, beautifully healed tattoo begins in the shop. Health and safety issues are something we take very seriously. You can take comfort in knowing that everything is properly cleaned and kept in tip-top shape. Every tattoo that is done is regulated to quality sanitation standards. We take proactive measures to prevent any cross-contamination or health risks. All of our tubes, grips and needles are certified Ethylene Oxide sterilized, disposable and will only be used on you. We are enrolled in the Infection Control Quality Assurance Program, and we follow the Health Canada Publication “Infection Prevention and Control for Personal Services: Tattooing and Electrolysis.” We encourage you to give it a read at the Health Canada Website and ask us any questions you may have.

If you’re looking to book a session or share a few tattoo ideas with an artist, give us a call today or put in an inquiry with your info over on the Contact Us area.



Preston Gamble

image (2).png

As a young First Nations man, faced with many challenges I was raised by a single mother with six kids. Life became challenging and I found security within joining a group of people who became my second family. Aside from everything I needed a distraction from reality I was forced to face even as a young child. I found that escape in the world of art when I was a little boy running around in pampers. I continued expressing myself with art throughout my life. I take full responsibility for my choices and would not change anything as it has made me the man and father I am today. Some of the choices I made when I was younger led me to a dark place in my life leading me to face six years incarcerated. During this time, I was forced to find a way to survive. My family had their daily lives to worry about, therefore I didn't have extra money, leaving me to make my own. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that when my cellmate encouraged me to start tattooing. He handed his tattoo machine to me, and he picked out one of my drawings that he liked. He told me to put it on him. My work spoke for itself, admired by everyone though I still had a long way to go. I had people lining up in jail to get work done by me. Everything was custom due to the fact we did not have access to the internet and computers. This became my livelihood for the remainder of my time, I was able to take care of not only myself but my family as well. Once I was part of society again, I had to continue providing for myself and my two oldest children. Then I soon had myself facing my worst nightmare. My mother passed; I became lost all over again. This time was different though, I swore to my kids and my mother who I miss every day that I would do my best to stay out here for my kids. I focused most of my attention towards tattooing, this kept my family with a roof over their head and food in their stomach. I had the chance to transfer my emotions into art all while grieving and being my kid's soul provider. When a client of mine loved the work I did, it lifted my spirit a little more each time. I never expected tattooing to become a career for me, it was just a way to survive. After ten years of doing something I love I have been given the opportunity to make a career out of my art. Cheryl here at Electric Underground has given me a world of opportunity, a chance for me to grow as a First Nation artist, man, and father. I strive to give my clients a piece of work they will love for the rest of their lives. I appreciate the chance I have been blessed with, it gives me the chance to advertise my work and show my kids that when you work hard it will eventually pay off. 

Rate: $120/hour, $100



image (2).png

I was born in Winnipeg, MB but raised in Langley, BC. I have had a passion for the life of art since I was in Kindergarten. I was in art classes during my entire school career. My parents were the ones that had to make a decision on whether or not I went into band class or into art class, they chose band until I took a picture off of a patch and re-drew it to an eight and a half by eleven pieces of paper. They then decided to take me out of band class and put me into art. I got a couple of pictures featured in the local newspaper, as well as sold some of my art up until the end of high school. Once I found myself enjoying drawing, I proceeded to venture out and finding new skills. I took a couple of art classes once I got out of high school and kept my art skills up. My parents got me an airbrush for my birthday one year and started painting in a new style, which I loved. After a few years, I took my car to a car show and painted my dash in front of everyone. From doing this I got a couple of contracts to do helmets and paintings for people's houses. After a few years of airbrushing a friend of mine told me I should take my skills in a different direction, tattooing. So they bought me my first kit and let me tattoo them the day after the kit arrived, and to this day the tattoo is still there and still nice and bold. I have fallen in love with tattooing because it lets me show off my art more and I get to help people express who they are through the pieces. I have done a bunch of cover-ups as well as a lot of one-off tattoos. I used to have my own place out in Winnipeg, I only did custom pieces, it was all word of mouth. I did work out in a shop in Winnipeg, but it didn't work out because of the people in the shop, so I left. I moved to Saskatoon, SK around 3 years ago and I worked out of a shop in North Battleford. They told me that they had eight to nine clients a day coming out as a walk in a day. So, I drove out there for around two months, nothing came out of it so I told them I am out of there and went on my own again. I started at Electric Underground around three months ago and love being back in a shop. Everyone is great here and once again I love being able to help bring peoples images to life in a tattoo. I love tattooing black and greys, as well as doing colors also. I have done lots of script tattoos as well as very detailed pieces. I strive to be fast at what I do, and I also have been told that I have a light touch. Needing your first tattoo or your thousandth I am ready to do your tattoo!

Rate: $150/hour, $100 minimum

Danielle Kent

image (2).png

I believe when one door closes another one opens when you least expect it...that is your calling. I started at Electric Underground Tattoo Inc. in the middle of November or 2019. It is like Cheryl just appeared in my life, she looked into my eyes and said, you have honest good intentions for what you do. She asked me if I wanted to join her shop and make my craft more proper. Lots of changes were happening around the shop at that time. I strongly believe some things must be reborn from the ashes of its prior existence and transform into something you can only feel. The vibe in the shop today is way more relaxed and comfortable than from the time I started here a few months ago. We treat each other as family, something I've been looking for. Where my journey began, I can only say, I am in the metamorphosis of my new life. Who I was then is not who I am today. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my mother took care of my 2 older brothers, my younger sister, and I, as a single parent. I looked up to my brothers, they were my role models. I watched my mom struggle her whole life, I told myself I was not going to live that same struggle, yet I did anyway. I had my firstborn a couple weeks after my 17th birthday, by 24 I had 6 kids and was struggling to keep myself sane. I had to own up to my own choices and take my own strength back after 13 years of being in an abusive relationship when I lost everything 4 years ago. I am so grateful for the life I have today because there was a time I just hope I'd be alive the next day. It was a struggle to relearn how to live life alone with no kids, no husband, and no work skills. One thing I did have was the tattoo kit I was buying for my kids' father, which I made sure stayed when he left. I had enough of his way of making quick money and over the years I had invested lots of time drawing up designs, listening to the speed of the machine and watching the tattoos come to life. Watching him, I knew more could be done but my partner just wanted to get paid. My first tattoo I'm still proud of today, but it was when I felt this type of rush that can only be explained when you see the art come to life. Something to do with life, skin, blood, connection. It is the look in the other person's eyes as they admire their fresh tattoo. For me, I enjoy the process of it all and I enjoy getting to know the people a little so I can make their tattoo more fitting to who they are as people. I like working with my clients and getting a lot of their feedback helps them customize their own tattoo. It is more about my clients and their needs, not my own, my needs get covered by my clients, I need it to create art. If they have a better experience the energy is relaxed and it is better to focus on just art. I strongly believe in energy and it can be felt, even someone's stress over time and money.
There was a time when tattooing was how I survived spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In September of 2019, I started taking classes at the First Nations University as a first-year student in Indigenous Social Work. It didn't take too long before everything I had kept bottled up inside me spilled out in ways I couldn't hide, like the depression over all my current and past circumstances. It's been the human connection I make with people through tattooing that I love, especially when I'm trying to hide from the world. Then someone will come to find me and get me out of bed to tattoo them. For me the payment is a bonus, the amount of healing and growth I am experiencing can only be explained as the beginning, it can only get better from here.

Rate: $120/hr, $100 minimum

Hayden Zepherin


image (2).png

I grew up in La Loche, Saskatchewan with my 6 sisters, mom, and dad. They have been a huge support to me in every aspect of my life. I now have three children of my own, two beautiful girls and a handsome son. My children are why I'm doing what I am doing. Growing up I looked up to my honorary brothers Peyton and Conway, they introduced me to the world of art. I practiced designing and drawing pieces of art throughout my teenage years. It wasn't until I got my first tattoo at 19 that sparked an instant interest in the tattoo industry. I asked my artist where he got his supplies, once I got home I ordered my first starter kit. This is when my career as a tattoo artist started, in November of 2012. I didn't expect that I would be any good or that I would love tattooing the way I do. My mom was always hard on me and wanted me to try my best at everything I do so I could succeed. I had nowhere else to start tattooing so my mom allowed me to do so in her basement. After a while, she started getting mad because I was up all hours of the night and my sisters kept wanting me to tattoo them. I continued tattooing in my mom's home for 4 years, getting experience and growing my art style. Once I felt confident enough, I wanted to expand so I moved to Saskatoon in 2016. I stayed for 2 years but I missed my family and decided to head back home. Not even a year later I had a shop in Saskatoon contact me and ask for me to join their team. I packed up my life and headed back to the city for the chance I had been waiting for. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned and I felt lost. At that point, I decided it was best to keep my family and me in one place for a while. Cheryl, at Electric Underground, found me in a time where I was surviving tattoo to tattoo and had asked me to become a part of the family at the shop. I was nervous because I was stepping out of my comfort zone, going from tattooing in a home environment to a professional setting. What helped me get confident and comfortable was the team here at Electric Underground Tattoo. It is nothing but good vibes with good people. I know my clients, my coworkers, and my boss are all going to support one another and help me achieve my dream of having my own shop in La Loche.

Rate: $150/hour, $100 minimum

Devon Payne

image (2).png

I was born and raised right here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am a self-taught artist and am especially known for my evil and creative realistic art. I started tattooing young because of my brother who made "homemade" tattoo guns, he could often be found tattooing his friends. I soon picked up the tattoo gun too, started tattooing my friends and became known as that guy who does tattoos. I would tattoo from home and was well known as an artist. I spent 4 years in prison and ended up tattooing my whole time there, starting my sentence in 2006 and getting out around 2011. I took my time in the pen to help enhance and perfect my craft. After being turned away from the majority of tattoo shops in the area, I was contacted by a friend and asked if I would consider working at Electric Underground Tattoos Inc., apparently, multiple people had recommended me to Cheryl. I not only enjoy the dark elements of art but I also create a unique romantic balance that captures the beauty within my work. I love the challenge of creativity and I show that in my artwork.

Rate: $120/hour, $100 minimum


Our Work

Preston Gamble

Brennden Mackenzie

Hayden Zepherin Herman

Danielle Kent

Devon Payne


On the Road

Winnipeg Tattoo Show


Chris Wenzel

BORN APRIL 1, 1977

Chris Wenzel had been drawing for as long as he could remember,

 doing his first tattoo at the age of nine!

He was immediately mesmerized by the art of tattooing.



He started with professional equipment, learning a little bit more each and every time until eventually, he became comfortable and confident enough to work in a shop. Chris then floated around working in several locations never settling down in one spot for too long. He joined forces with Pat and Jeremy at Rites of Passage Tattoo from 2000 - 2003, until the day came to go his own way. Chris joined a partner in the ownership of Electric Underground in January of 2006, working hard and having fun. Chris eventually took over full ownership of the business in November 2006 and since then, he worked hard, keeping his head up high, and staying out of trouble.



He worked long days, every day to make sure he could accommodate his many clients.  

Not only did he inspire so many individuals with his drive, talent, and work ethic, but also with a sense of humor, his love for his family and extended family, and his sense of community. 


Chris believed in the talent of every artist he chose to join the EUT family.  Through the artist’s here, a humble teacher and greatly loved mentor lives on.

Although physically no longer with us he continues to live on spiritually.

Thank you all for your continuing support to our families.

We ask that when posting about Chris you use the hashtag #MyLoveChrisWenzel to help keep his memory alive.

With the help of Save My Ink and Mourning Glory Funeral Home Chris Wenzel's tattoos were preserved, an everlasting memory of his art and passion for tattooing, and unveiled at the Saskatoon Tattoo Expo on Saturday, April 13th, 2019, titled 'Shield of Armour - Tattoo Til Death'.

Chris' tattoos are currently on display at the shop and accompany us to tattoo conventions.

We couldn't have done this without the help of Save My Ink and Mourning Glory Funeral Home.

If you have ever thought of preserving your tattoos as a unique remembrance of you upon your passing be sure to check out the links below.

Save My Ink

Mourning Glory

Chris Wenzel

Cheryl Wenzel, pictured with husband Chris' preserved tattoos


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